You Do Something To Me, a classic written by Paul Weller, one of the UK’s and in my opinion one of the worlds greatest song writers . You Do Something To Me is taken from the Album Stanley Road and it’s one of many good songs on the Album. This is a great ballad and one which will remain one of those old time classics which never dies in time. You Do Something To Me is a track which reflects the power of love.

I feel all the tracks taken from the album Stanley road should be placed on this webite and they are Broken Stones, The Changing man, I walk On Gilded Splinters, Out of the Sinking, Pink on White Walls, Porcelain Gods, Stanley Road, Time Passes, Whirlpool’s End, Wings of Speed, Woodcutter’s Son, You do something to me. They are all her and listing this CD from first track to the last was important. I appreciate good music which has a well planned musical arrangement, as well as songs which regard things which take place in my own life, I find like many other Paul Weller Songs the Album Stanley Road does just that.

The track you do something to me continues to be a song which I play often whether I am in the streets of London England or in Warsaw Poland, whichever way you look at it. I felt it was a good thing to compile a little site dedicated to the songs from the CD Stanley Road.

Unlike other websites offering details on tracks about songs written by Paul Weller few can perform and sing his songs as good as I can Don’t take my word for it see for yourself.

Falling in love with this wonderful Paul Weller track you do something to me is no exception, it’s clouded with strong feelings in every respect, and as a result of that I felt that Mark Nelson should match it. Listen to my version and either write on the this blog or on my YouTube channel and giving me a genuine rating would be a good thing it would also inspire me to better what I did and fine-tune all my mistakes until it becomes its best.

The video with you do something to me is nice too. One of the things which I like about Weller is when he makes videos there anything elaborate or extremely unreal, on the contrary they are very much the opposite they speak to us in a way which we feel we could encounter in our daily life. The impression the video gives to many Weller songs is as if they were home made and filmed using a typical camcorder which many normal people who like filming have in their home as they are inexpensive to buy.

The Piano part of the song has a warm sound to it, the way Weller plays it around the voice, is like the way an artist does a sketch of a photo, it gels so nicely with the way he sings. The way the song builds up before it goes into the chorus is simply fantastic. Hanging on the wire Just to catch a flame, just to get close enough, to tell you that, “you that you do something to me”. You do something wonderful you chase it all away. Mixing my emotions throws me back again. Such piercing Weller lyrics combine with great music.

I like to idea of a song which reflects our inner feelings in a way we do better than saying the words. This song takes my mind in so many different directions. I often ask myself what was going through Weller’s head when he wrote the song; I ask myself what Weller was thinking, who caused him to feel the way which he does? Thoughts like this occur when I listen to the song. Songs like this Weller track inspire creative artist to write their own songs.

If you listen to other 11 tracks on the CD Stanley road you will agree that all the tracks are pleasing to the ear.

Broken Stones – The Changingman – I walk On Gilded Splinters – Out of the Sinking – Pink on White Walls – Porcelain Gods – Stanley Road – Time Passes – Whirlpool’s End – Wings of Speed – Woodcutter’s Son.

The drummer knows how to apply the right touches to the song as well as he knows where to put them, although Steve White part is not difficult the former drummer for Weller adapts the correct feel for the song. When you add all the pieces together its hardly surprising this track touches the hearts of millions of people worldwide, but what is even more interesting is when you break down each part each musician is playing the pieces on their own sound good too and the combination as you can hear is awesome.

You do not have to be playing a million notes to sound impressive and this Ballard “youdosomethingtome” shows just that. Check out you do something to me lyrics.

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