Bruce Foxton the Jam’s Bass Guitarist

Bruce Foxton is a Bass Player that played for the Jam, now playing-in from the Jam. I watch them play and I have to admit I can’t help wondering if he gets bored playing the same songs, I say this as there’s so much of him on Youtube of playing the same stuff.

Listen to the way Bruce Foxton plays and you will see why his bass playing can outshine many bass players, he played melodic intricate bass lines and he accomplished a great tone which was ll his own and that added to the Jam having a very distinctive sound. Foxton touch complemented all THE jam songs whether it be a ballard or a fast song. He did a lot of the vocals for the Jam too. He sung lead vocals on News of the world, Smithers Jones, David Watts, and several other Jam songs.

One of Foxton’s notorious bass lines as well as one favoured by many Jam fans and new listeners is the track called Down in the Tube Station at Midnight, this is another classic track taken from the 3rd Jam album called All Mod Cons, a CD which belongs in any serious music lovers collection.