Sharp Keyboard Playing by Mick Talbot

Mick Talbot made his contribution to the style council in a good way and made their sound unique by adding his touches to their songs. He contributed to writing some of the songs like such classics like the song on our favourite shop called Luck. He sung a whole song through live as well as did his part to for Head start for happiness.

Talbot proved he was an essential part of the style council and before long his complementary parts became legendary. I can’t say Talbot was a great keyboard player as what he did in my opinion was very basic, however he did what was needed. Often people who fall in love with a group or an individual artist they say things like he or she is the greatest guitarist or singer and in many cases the artist is a good player. I think Talbot was a very mediocre pianist and keyboard player however he did what was needed and added many wonderful touches to numerous style council songs.

He was a Good friend of Paul’s and therefore he stayed in the Style council for a long time, I truly believe you could put numerous keyboard players in his place and it would make no difference.