Tasteful Drumming thanks to Rick Buckler

Rick Buckler added his part to the Jam very well and when you think of the Jam some like to think of Paul Weller alone and those who do are bloody fools!

The Jam consist of 3 people Paul Weller, as most fans know wrote most of the songs, but some were also written by Bruce Foxton. Although Buckler never wrote any songs he added his drumming to every single track in the Jam, Buckler had a wonderful feel and and a touch which complemented the Jam in every respect.

One track which illustrates Buckler’s feel as well as makes Buckler’s drumming shine is the track called the Funeral Pyre which he did whilst he was with the jam although its not difficult to play it sounds awesome with the song, Check it out
Without a tasteful drummer like Buckler playing drums for the Jam their sound could have been very different, when you listen to a band and know them well and a member leaves and is replaced, there is nothing worst than that band member being replaced with an inferior musician.

Its like a 3 piece band who are insistent on overdubs in the studio
but never wish to hire the additional musicians to play live who played in the studio or event just to hire the second guitarist to take care of all the overdubs which they did in the studio recording, when you know the song from the record, then hear it live there is a big hole in the song as something sounds very different.

I am pleased Buckler is still alive and I wish him a long happy successful life and hope Buckler continues to play with the Jam.

Long Live the talented drummer!